Twisted by Emma Chase

Twisted (Tangled, #2)Twisted by Emma Chase

My rating: 4 of 5 teacups

The course of true love never did run smooth and the same can be said of my love affair with the Tangled series. While I liked this follow-up to Tangled, it lacked much of the  refreshing humor and easygoing feel of the first book.

Twisted takes place two years after Tangled. The book opens up with a smoking hot sex scene that sets the stage for happy times in Drew and Kate’s relationship. Then there is a huge misunderstanding, one in which some simple communication could have prevented a whole lot of unnecessary drama. At the first speed bump in their relationship, Drew resorts to his old immature coping mechanisms that left me both sad and frustrated.

This time around the story is told from Kate’s perspective and as much as I like her, she’s just no substitute for the gregarious Drew. However, I did enjoy getting to know her better. She seems to be such an independent, confident, and driven career woman. I never would have guessed that she is so vulnerable.

The plot drags along at an excruciatingly slow pace throughout the first half. Thankfully, the pace picks up halfway through and my investment in the story increased. The secondary characters really help propel the story. Kate’s mom and Billy shed some light on Kate’s past. Drew’s nemesis, Delores, is back to provide some welcome humor when things get too serious. I wouldn’t characterize the second half as being lighthearted. In fact, it’s rather emotional and it shows the evolution of Kate and Drew’s relationship. It is satisfying though, and necessary if we are to believe in the staying power of the couple.

Those of you who miss Drew’s irreverent insights into the male psyche will be happy to know he shares his hilarious take on life and love in the wonderful epilogue.

Although I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first, it’s still a great addition to the Tangled series.



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